I have been with ERx for 9 years now and have been very satisfied with their treatment. The company has helped me be able to choose my shifts in accordance to my needs. They also have been able to communicate with me directly any other opportunities that I might be interested pursuing. I have been very pleased with their system.
Dr. Larry Oblena, Alabama
I have been working with ERx for several years after they took over the contracts of the company with which I was formerly working and what a pleasant experience it has been! ERx is friendly, helpful, cooperative, and efficient. The schedulers are resourceful, respectful, and considerate. The owner of the company, Dr Bob Devrnja, is the hands-on manager and is always encouraging, warm, and forthright in both his written communication and in person. The compensation is fair, prompt and reliable. I feel supported, honored, and included at ERx and this is the best job I have had in my 36 year Emergency Medicine career.
Kim Smith, MD, Washington
I have had the pleasure of working for ERx group for over a year. I cannot say enough good things about the company. The scheduler, Jessica, is wonderful to work with to get me the hours I want while maintaining work-life balance. She always asks about my children's activities prior to working on the schedule to try to get me home for the maximum number of events. Every single person I have come in contact with from the company is so friendly and helpful. I did full spectrum family medicine, including OB, ER, hospitalist, and clinic duties for 17 years. The switch to full time emergency medicine has been the best possible choice for me and for my family!
Sara Ragsdale, DO, Washington
The ERx Group, LLC has provided emergency room coverage for our three facilities for the past two years. They offer a variety of qualified physicians and are helpful in keeping our ER costs down. We recommend ERx for a number of reasons, mainly consistency of performance, fairness in pricing, and reliability. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship.
Brad Trower, Hospital Administrator, Georgia
Today we are engaged in a healthcare world that is continually changing and is very challenging. We are a small rural hospital that faces the same changes as major healthcare organizations. To survive these changes and challenges, we must rely on team approaches to our way of delivering patient care services. One of our team members, the provider for ED physician services, is ERx. We are appreciative of the ERx group because they recognize that the Emergency Department is the most visible and influential department for our facility. The importance of customer satisfaction, deliverance of a high standard of care in the most cost effective way is essential and the ERx group is committed to assist with this when providing Physicians for us.

ERx has worked with us to obtain the Physicians that are a “right fit” for our community and the patients we serve. The staff at ERx is great to work with and they are proactive to make sure that the physician for a first time rotation through our ER is prepared with information about our facility and the expectations. The ERx Physicians that work at our facility are experienced ER Physicians and they are well respected by the hospital administration and staff. We are thankful for our relationship with the ERx group and highly recommend them for providing Physician Services.

Doreen Bock, COO/CNO, Florala, AL
I have worked for ERx for 7 years. In that time I have come to recognize their superiority as they are always willing to accommodate my scheduling requests and are available by phone 24/7. They have always been good at listening to my concerns and helping me be able to work a good quantity and still have quality time with my family. It is a great thing when you can put your trust in a company because they have become more than merely an employer, the people at ERx are dedicated friends.
Brian Gullett, DO, West Virginia
ERx has been the best medical group to work with! I have been with ERx with approximately two years and they are very easy to work with! Staff at ERx has always been easy to get in touch with and everyone has always done everything to accommodate my busy schedule. Most important about ERx medical group is the fact they would let you practice medicine without administrative hassles, they also support your medical and ethical decision without misdirecting you and telling you what to do! I love ERx Group.
Dr. J. Ho, North Carolina
ERx has been providing physicians for our emergency department for almost 3 years. Because of its very nature, the emergency department will many times be the center of contention, and although the road has not always been smooth, Dr. Devrnja has always been accessible and responsive to the needs of our emergency department staff, our hospital and our community.
J.D. Mullins, CEO, Albany, KY
I have been working for ERx for the last 4 years. During that time they have placed me into some wonderful facilities that were very enjoyable and rewarding to work at. They have a variety of different work locations to choose from such as ER, Hospitalist, and Primary Care to name a few. They also have some longer term areas should you want to locate at one place. The credentialing process for them and their facilities are very efficient, and ERx staff are very competent in this area, and always eager to help when applicable. ERx has always been able to place me into a good work environment whenever I needed an assignment. I also found that the facilities I have worked for hold ERx in high regard as their go to company for staffing support. I fully recommend them, and I hope to work with the ERx team for a long time.
Michael Moran, MD , Virginia & West Virginia
ERX is one of the best companies I've ever worked for. They have been extremely flexible and responsive to any needs I might have. I have never felt like a number with ERX. I have been extremely happy with the staff at ERx.
Rachel Shemtov, MD, North Carolina
I have had the pleasure of contracting with ERx to provide emergency medicine services in the state of Alabama for well over two years now. After a sudden and unexpected hospital closure, I found myself looking frantically for work to continue to provide for my family. It was during that difficult time that ERx was there ready to accommodate my needs. I especially appreciate the scheduling coordinator's effort to keep my schedule consistent on a weekly basis. ERx has always been pleasant, willing to listen, and quick to respond with understanding and efficiency to any request including scheduling changes...always available 24/7...truly a great company to work for...
Joseph L. Singleton, Jr., MD, Alabama
I have had a business partnership with ERx for about three years at two different hospitals. They focus on patient satisfaction and positive outcomes, which can be a challenge in an ED environment. Their can do attitude has been a driving force behind my continued relationship with ERx. I highly recommend them.
Ted G. Chapin, Clanton, Alabama