Hospitalist Service

Having a strong hospital medicine program that works closely with the Emergency Department is essential.  A hospitalist program focused on quality will improve outcomes, throughout and continuity of care while decreasing stress on your medical staff. Hospitalist are traditionally Board Certified Family Practice and Internal Medicine physicians.

Some of the reasons why you should select ERx as your next hospitalist physician group includes:

Quality Clinicians

Our clinicians offer safe, effective, and efficient patient-centered care. Communication is delivered simply and without jargon. ERx screens clinicians to make suer the fit between the provider and facility match on goals and expectations.

Improved Outcomes

By using a Hospitalist form ERx, we can promise less consultations and shorter lengths of stay with re-admit rates lower. Hospitalist also are more likely to discharge to home, keeping patients in the community. ERx constantly monitors parameters for outcomes and quality measures.

Reduced Length of Stay

By working proficiently and reducing the length of stay, we are able to improve financial, operational, and clinical outcomes by reducing the cost of care for a patient. It can also minimize the risk of hospital-acquired conditions.

Close Working Relationship with Community Physicians

ERx stresses the importance of being a part of the hospital medical staff and building a peer relations with the local medical community.