Selecting the right partner to manage your emergency department can be a difficult task.

The right partner will reduce cost, improve patients throughput, increase efficiency, reduce overall malpractice rates, and improve hospital metrics. Since 1984, our providers have been providing emergency medicine services to geographic areas all over the country. We proudly specialize in providing service to rural communities as well as urban areas. We offer customized contracted services to include full-time or part-time and can be staffed with either physicians or APPs. We are dedicated to compassionate care for every patient and efficient service to every hospital. It is evidenced by our outstanding patient satisfaction rates, long-lasting partnerships, and the loyalty of our medical providers. 

Patient Satisfaction

ERx is consistently in the 90th percentile and above for patient satisfaction.

Higher Reimbursement Levels

Partnering with revenue cycle company has given us the means to reach higher reimbursement levels at our partner locations.

Patient Quality Care

Job one!

Improved Operational Efficiencies

ERx utilizes Site and Regional Medical Directors to work closely with all departments to maximize efficiency.

Increased Hospital Communication

ERx is available 24/7 by an actual ERx team member. ERx also provides monthly dashboards for all full-time billing locations.

Reduced Malpractice Claims

With physician education we maintain low malpractice rates.

Contact Us

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